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Buffalo Bills 2013 Specialists News

News and notes for Buffalo Bills specialists in 2013:

August 13th: released punter Brian Stahovich, a free agent that had been signing on April 18th to compete with Powell.
“I’d like to thank the Bills, Buffalo, and the fans especially. Its been an amazing few months can’t thank you all enough. Do widezenia.@AztcBeast14

August 12th: “The first one was great, and then he had two mishits, really. When Dustin goes in there as a young guy, you just want him to calm down a little bit. It’s little difference between him and the quarterbacks that come in early in the game first time ever.” – coach Doug Marrone on Hopkins’ kickoffs in preseason opener

August 6th: “I focus on mechanics but I don’t over think it. You are at a disadvantage when you clutter your mind. The competition between Rian and me is what it is. He has a job to do and so do I. I will say he has been incredibly helpful to watch and pick up veteran tips from such as how he handles himself in the training room and the regimen he follows to stay healthy. There’s always room to grow.” – Dustin Hopkins

August 5th:  “I have to place the ball perhaps better than some of the guys who just put it through the uprights. I think I do a pretty good job at that. I’m trying to stay a little more upright and not be all leg. It’s a lot like a golf swing, try to put all the parts together and get the timing right.” – Rian Lindell

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